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women's health

For women who prefer a female doctor we aim to offer available appointments each day. Our doctors can offer advice on the best form of contraception for you and Dr Karen Aylward can arrange advanced options including Mirena Coil and Implanon Bar insertion.  We also offer free antenatal care and routine pregnancy scans can be arranged with Dr Cathal O'Sullivan.

paediatric medicine

Young children can get unwell very quickly and with little warning. In Griffith Avenue Practice we are well aware of how difficult this can be for parents, and as a result we aim to offer urgent appointments for any sick child.

Routine health issues are also dealt with in the practice, and our skilled practice nurse excels in administering all your child's vaccines.

sexual health

Our doctors are able to offer professional advice on all aspects of sexual health, in a confidential and comfortable setting. Dr Cathal O'Sullivan has advanced training in Tropical Medicine and sexual health, while appointments are also available with one of our female doctors.

mental health

We are conscious of of the ever increasing pressures and stresses facing people. If you are having difficulties yourself and you need professional medical advice, you can make an appointment any day with one of our general practitioners. If your issue requires additional time, you may ask for a double appointment when booking in.

wound care

Our experienced nurse Katie Ball, can help with any wound care or dressing needs. Skin lacerations possibly requiring suturing will be assessed by a doctor and an appropriate treatment organised.


If you are looking for an assessment of moles, warts, rashes, or other skin lesions, one of our team would be happy to help. In particular Dr Scanlon and Dr Morgan have developed a special interest in dermatology over the past years, and on Wednesdays we offer cryotherapy and minor surgery treatments for various skin conditions.

travel advice

If you are planning travels abroad, you may want to speak with one of our doctors regarding your health needs while in another country. Dr Scanlon and Dr O'Sullivan both have a special interest in Tropical Medicine and Travel Health, and can advise on vaccines, malaria tablets, and all issues travel related. You may also want to check out the cdc website for expert advice on any destination you are travelling too. Click HERE >>

men's health

Irish men are increasingly aware of the importance of monitoring their health. If you are looking to organise a general health check, or if you have a specific health query our doctors are here to help. From prostate checks, to vascular tests, clear professional advice is available.

nursing care

If you need an early appointment for a blood test or blood pressure check before work, our practice nurse Katie Ball RGN is available each day from 8am. Nurse appointments are also available throughout the day for Asthma advice, Blood Tests, Blood Pressure Checks, and Ear Syringing.


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