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Measles Update

Measles Adult Vaccination Information 

It is estimated that at least 90% of people born in Ireland before 1978 are likely to have had measles infection and are thus immune to measles. Where there is uncertainty about measles status, the MMR vaccine should be offered on request to individuals born in Ireland before 1978 particularly if they are considered at high-risk exposure or disease as outlined in b) and c) below


Where there is uncertainty about vaccination status, MMR should still be given if indicated as MMR vaccine can be safely given to those who are immune.


Adults in the following groups who are partially vaccinated, unvaccinated or unsure about their vaccination status should receive 1 or 2 doses of MMR vaccine as indicated by their vaccination history:

  1. All adults under 25 years of age

  2. Adults considered at high-risk exposure to measles (e.g. those living in congregate settings or members of underserved communities

  3. Adults living with people who are vulnerable to severe consequences of measles infections (e.g. non-immune pregnant women, severely immunocompromised people, and infants under one year of age)

  4. Migrants from low resource settings (less likely to have been vaccinated with MMR and should be offered two doses of MMR vaccine unless documented evidence of vaccination)

  5. Adults of all ages who are planning to travel to an area where measles is endemic or where outbreaks are occurring.

Information Source NIAC, updated 5 March 2024

If you have any further queries, please contact the HSE.

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