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Request GP Appointment

To book an routine appointment with your regular GP

Click Here

- Routine appointments are 15 minutes in duration

- Take an overview of issues

- Better suited for ongoing issues

- Better suited for mental health issues

Urgent Care Booking Online

To book an Urgent Care Clinic appointment

Click Here

- Only for Urgent Issues that require GP within 24 hours

- If unable to use online booking, phone 01-8373611

- If no appointments available call D Doc (0818224476)

- For Emergencies proceed to Emergency Department or call 999 or 112

Booking Appointments
  • The easiest way to book an appointment is online. Please click here. 

  • You can also request an appointment as usual by phone 01 8373611. Please note we are dealing with an unprecedented volume of calls currently. We are continuing to provide appointments each day for all our patients, but due to the volume of work non urgent appointments require 7 days notice.

  • We have instructed staff to ask all patients booking appointments routine questions about respiratory symptoms (e.g. fever, cough , shortness of breath etc) to help triage patients.

  • You will be offered either a telephone consult at a scheduled time or an appointment in person if required.

  • For everyone's safety, appointments will be carried out on the telephone wherever possible

What To Expect When You Attend
  • If you have an appointment in person please wear a mask and where possible please bring your mobile phone and a car.

  • When you arrive please buzz the intercom at the front door to check in.

  • You will be asked to wait outside or in your car and the doctor will call you when they are available.

  • Unfortunately we are not able to offer a waiting room at this time.

  • To minimise your time waiting, please make a careful note of your correct appointment time, as we will not be able to accommodate early arrivals.

  • If you do not have an appointment to see a doctor, please do not attend the surgery.

Missed Appointments 

  • The surgery is dealing with unprecedented demand for appointments, due to COVID 19 and the cancelling of most hospital clinics including phlebotomy. If you cannot attend for your scheduled appointment, please email or phone so your time can be given to another patient in need.

  • Our practice manager will follow up on all non-attendances.

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