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Should I wait for a routine appointment?

Unless you feel unable to manage for 24 hours without a doctor’s help, you should wait for the next available routine appointment. Routine appointments have the advantage of being 15 minutes in duration, with a chosen doctor, and can take an overview of your issues.

What is considered Appropriate Use of Urgent Care?

In rare cases where patients or families repeatedly seek urgent advice for non-urgent issues, they will be advised that they may no longer self book for urgent appointments. A doctor will provide education on how to appropriately manage health concerns and anxieties and when to seek help. This is not intended to punish patients but to ensure that they are being provided with the right type of care, as well as to maintain access to the limited number of urgent appointments available to the whole community.


What appointments should not be booked at the Urgent Care Clinic?

We have separate scheduled visits for common issues including

  • Smear test

  • Driving Licence Application

  • Routine antenatal checks

  • General Check Up

  • Chronic Disease Review

  • Mental Health Review

  • Cryotherapy to warts and verrucas

Routine visits are also the way to address other common issues including

. review of repeat prescriptions

. requesting a referral for a procedure

. discussion of recent consultant visit

. review of recent scan or blood tests

Can I arrange a mental health review at the Urgent Care Clinic?

Generally mental health care should not be seen at an urgent care clinic. A routine appointment will give you better consistency by ensuring the same doctor reviews you over time, and allows more time for the necessary discussion.

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