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Book Routine Appointment

To book an routine GP or Nurse appointment, or to schedule a blood test, please Click Here

- Routine appointments are 15 minutes in duration

- Cover up to 2 issues

- Better suited for management of ongoing issues

Urgent Care Booking Online

To book an Urgent Care Clinic appointment

Click Here

- Only for Urgent Issues that require GP within 24 hours

- If unable to use online booking, phone 01-8373611

- If no appointments available call D Doc (1850-22-44-77)

- For Emergencies proceed to Emergency Department or call 999 or 112


New Surgery Rooms in

The Rise Surgery

We are happy to announce we have obtained new additional rooms in our new surgery on The Rise, beside The Rise Pharmacy and Anderson's Cafe. For simplicity, we are currently booking all appointments with Dr Aylward and Dr O'Sullivan in The Rise Surgery, while appointments with Dr Scanlon and Dr Morgan remain in 411. You will receive a text before your appointment reminding you where to attend.

Booking Appointments 
  • To book an appointment please click here, or phone 01 8373611.

  • If you have an appointment in person please wear a mask and where possible please bring your mobile phone.

  • If you do not have an appointment to see a doctor, please do not attend the surgery.

Referral Queries

  • If you have already been referred by your GP for a scan or consultant opinion, and you want to ask a follow up question please click here.

Prescriptions & Paperwork


If you have a form or paperwork that cannot be submitted using one of the above options, please drop the form in our post box along with a stamped addressed envelope and we will complete and return the form where possible within 7 days.


We are working hard continuously to improve the access and quality of healthcare for all our patients. If you have identified an issue that we can improve or to leave any other feedback that you feel would be helpful or important, please take the time to submit your feedback in writing for the attention of the practice manager, 411 Griffith Avenue, Glasnevin, Dublin 9. Thank you.

Results Queries
  • ​If You Have A Question About A Recent Test Ordered by Your GP Please Click Here and a member of our team will get back to you.


This form is for results of Tests ordered by your GP only.

Results of tests requested by a hospital doctor will be sent directly to the hospital doctor (consultant or clinic) who requested them.
That doctor will then assess the results and communicate the results to you.

New Patient Requests

Due to the demand on services over the last 2 years we have been unable to accept new patients. We recently accepted requests from a number of families and are working through those requests. While we are currently unable to accept any further new patient requests we will review this situation in a few months. Accordingly if you are interested in joining the practice please check back on the website in a few months.

Second Booster Vaccination 

Updated 03/06/2022

We have concluded our particaption in Second Booster Vaccine Programme 

Any patients that have not received a Second Booster can 

Book  an appointment with HSE Vaccination Centre by clicking here


 Contact your local Pharmacy

Second Booster Vaccine has now been approved for the following patients :

  • All patients over 65 yrs  and patients over 12 yrs with weak immune system (click here for patients that meet this criteria)  


You can get a second booster 4 months (at least 120 days) after your first booster


     You have had COVID-19 since your first booster, wait at least 4 months before you get a second booster.

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